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The K9 Basic School 
a division of Professional Dog Training Services, Inc. 

Purchasing a dog can be a happy occasion in the life of a family. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to properly train that puppy once they have it. A failure to properly train a puppy can lead to behavior issues such as chewing or jumping, or even more serious issues like aggression.

Training Your Dog 
The K9 Basic School is a dog training facility for dogs of all breeds and ages. Our extensive experience with police dogs, bomb dogs, and military dogs has given us keen insight into how a dog thinks, why they behave the way they do, and how to manage that behavior. We have worked with protection dogs all over the world and family dogs right in your neighborhood. We also work with families on how to utilize what we have taught. 

Socializing Your Dog 
We not only believe in sound obedience training techniques, we also believe in educating our clients about their dogs. We will teach you how to read your dog, what motivates your dog, how to have a rewarding relationship with your dog, and how to make sure that your dog is properly socialized and integrated into your family. 

Training Environment 
At The K9 Basic School, your dog will receive a knowledgeable trainer and a clean, secure, and safe environment. If we cannot train your dog to the level that we stated, you will receive your money back. In addition, all of our clients receive reasonable rates and a life time of free follow-up training for you and your dog.

If you have a dog, new puppy or behavior issues with your dog, please contact us to make an appointment.


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