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About Us
The K9 Basic School is different from other dog training facilities. Our experienced staff knows how to tailor a program to suit your dog. We know that if you take 10 puppies from the same litter and train them all the same way, then 9 of them have been trained incorrectly. Every dog is an individual and needs to be trained and educated based on that dog's personality and temperament.

Our Mission 
Over the past 20 years, our vision and mission has remained the same -- to provide exceptional help to dog owners and trainers through enhanced knowledge. We believe that a dog should live for his owner and not the owner for his dog! While our mission is the same, our services are growing. In addition to dog training, we also offer basic veterinary services in our Van Nuys location and boarding for non-training clients at our Kool K-9 Pet Resort. 

Our Trainers
We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. Many of our trainers are experienced police dog trainers, military dog trainers, and bomb dog trainers. All of our trainers are continuously being educated on the most innovative ways to communicate and educate dogs and their owners. Trainers travel to our sites all over the world to learn new techniques from the best trainers in the world. Each trainer also spends at least one month in the veterinary clinic learning basic medical care for dogs. 

Personal Attention 
We are selective about the customers we take so that we can offer the best possible service to those customers. Our space is limited, because we allow only a 6:1 dog to trainer ratio. This allows the trainer to get to know each dog personally and work with them on a consistent basis. 

At The K9 Basic School, we don't just train your animals, we are committed to their health and wellness as well! 

About Our Owner 

In 2008, Daryl Young celebrate 40 years in the dog training industry! He has been working with dogs since the age of 10 as a kennel boy in Oakland, California, and has loved every minute of it. He loves dogs and he loves his job; this gives him the drive to continually seek new and better ways to train your dog. 

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