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Training Your Dog 

Training your dog is an important first step in establishing a relationship with your dog. Dogs want to please their owners, training lets them know what they can do to please you and how to do it. Dogs thrive on structure and discipline because they know what is expected of them.

Tailored Training Program 
The K9 Basic School specializes in training protection dogs and family pets. Our approach is simple: we tailor our training program to suit your dog. We examine your dogs breed, age, sex, and temperament and then design a program specifically for your dog.

Commands and Behaviors
Our trainers know dogs. Most of them have trained police or military dogs, so they understand the importance of bonding with your dog, and they are up to date on the latest training techniques. Our training program is not about basic commands, like sit and stay, although your dog will learn those as well. Our training will also teach your dog manners (like not jumping up on the neighbor when he knocks at the door), housebreaking, leash control, and off-leash boundaries. We will also work with your dog on specific behavior problems that he or she may have.
Family Role
Consistency is the key to good training. After the program ends, we will be sure to provide handling training to you and your family. We will show you how we get your dog to obey and what you need to do in order to maintain consistency and keep your dog in good training.

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